What Is The Nature And True Character Of God?

What is the Nature and True Character of God?
by John R A Smith
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In this book, we are going to explore our conception of what is the Nature of God is and the Character of God. Why? Because it is how we as children of God born again through Christ believe and see who we are.

We do this by the word of God and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But if in the past, you have become brain washed into believing misconceptions of the truth, and have allowed false teachings and doctrines into your lives. Half-truths or outright lies, then these will affect your faith and stunt your Spiritual growth, holding you back in bondage of sin.

The Holy Spirit wants us to know that this truth of the grace of God is the heart and soul of the Gospels. Therefore, any negotiation or concession by us is in my understanding offensive to God. As there is no true salvation apart from unconditional faith in Christ alone. And it is in this area that I and so many other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have fallen short. As we have allowed our understanding of God’s word to be corrupted or added to and failed to fully grasp just who and what we are in Christ.

Let me give you an example.
So many people blame God for things, like the case of a mother and daughter who were kidnapped at gun point, driven to a quiet area, raped and then both shot in the back of the head.

It was a mother and daughter, and the daughter died, but somehow the mother survived and later she was stating on National TV, that God allowed this, that for whatever reason God permitted this to happen, and somewhere in all this she had a lesson to learn.

That is an outright lie of Satan. My God did not rape and murder those women and almost kill the other. My God is a good God. Christ Jesus set the example and showed us the way. And I defy you to show me in the New Testament anywhere that states He, God would do this.

Satan is blinding people and subtly sitting back and laughing at the sheer garbage selected religious leaders and converts are teaching or been taught, and believing.

Heck for some, they are doing his work for him and do not even realise that they have already fallen into unbelief and are going against the truth as your eyes have been taken away from the truth, and in doing so your faith is becoming corrupted.

I agree and state now at the beginning of this book, I allowed such misconception of who I am in Christ to enter and control much of my life. And that only, as I have sought earnestly to draw nearer to God and sought him out that my spiritual eyes to my heart have been opened.

I know I have a long way to go, we all do, and yes, sickness and huge mountains will undoubtedly arise in my or your life. But now I know What is the Nature and True Character of God and who I am in Christ and what is rightfully mine by Gods Love, mercy and Grace.

I am adopted into his family and a brother with Christ my Lord, and entitled as such to all the heavenly blessings in Christ. Not some, or only a tiny portion. All means all, and I am starting to realise this which the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul spoke of in Ephesians, and in The New Testament.

And it is not just I that has this gift of Grace, mercy and love. We all as born again brothers and sisters in Christ baptised by the Holy Spirit have the very same gift of Grace, mercy and love, as we are adopted into God’s family.

It is only when you take hold of the truth in your hearts and minds that the truth will set you free.

So, I start this book with truth, scriptures to back up my statements and undoubtedly, I will come under attack from others who teach different false doctrines and have themselves already fallen into falsehood.

It is my prayer that your spiritual eyes will be opened and that God will reveal to you the truth. And do not say to me. “John, it can’t be that simplistic.”

Either you believe in the true word of God or you do not. If you believe and are genuinely teaching such then praise be to God.




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